Services Offered:

Markets Served:

  • - Automotive
  • - Business to Business
  • - Chemical
  • - Clothing
  • - Health & Beauty
  • - Industrial
  • - Pharmaceutical
  • - Private Label
  • - Publishing
  • - Retail

Book Publishing / Production Services

  • In addition to set packing, display assembly, shrink-wrapping, price sticker removal and/or replacement, Dahill Packaging also provides specialized services to several of the nation's largest publishers.

    In an area dedicated to the inspection/refurbish returns program, we process over 4 million books annually. In addition, our flexible staff provides service for one-time projects such as dust jacket removal or application, "rip and tip" replacement pages, re-gluing for weak endsheets, or the conversion of adhesive paper cover books to loose-leaf with 3-hole drill. With over twenty-five years experience with the book publishing industry, Dahill understands the needs and requirements of the publishing community. (see also: Inspection and Repair; Returns Processing)

Application of book dust jackets