The Dahill Packaging Advantage = DPI ... Every Time!

DPI ... Every Time is our motto and, we believe it is also our competitive advantage.

Facts and Figures

  • Founded: 1973
  • Renamed: 2003, Dahill Packaging, Inc.
  • President and Owner: David Hillhouse
  • Employees and contract production workers: +/- 100
  • Facility: Single level brick buildings in modern industrial park
  • Total square footage: >150,000
  • Shipping/Receiving docks: 8

Production Technologies

  • High speed software/hardware to print bar code stickers/labels
  • High speed shrink-wrap machines (3)
  • Manual shrink-wrap machines (2)
  • High speed sticker/label application machines (4)
  • Blister pack machine
  • Skin pack machine
  • Label applicator for cylinder shaped projects
  • Various conveyors and product accumulators

Computer Technologies

  • EDI capabilities implemented and active
  • Real-time production and inventory data management system
  • Web portal for customer access to data management system
  • Microsoft Office 2007

Green Initiatives

  • High lumen / high efficiency lighting fixtures
  • Recycling program processes 500,000# of corrugated annually

Dahill Packaging, Inc.

... has the labor resources and floor space capacity to process high volume or on-going projects

... is centrally located in the Mid-Atlantic region with excellent access to all major roadways

... is dedicated to investing in labor saving technology to improve turn-times and price

... provides resource tools and systems for accurate data management and reporting

... understands the need for excellent service, performance on schedule, and competitive pricing

These attributes could be listed as our "competitive advantage", but alone they do not differentiate. So, Dahill Packaging surrounds these attributes with a commitment by our managers and our employees that ...

... when we say something, we do it... Every Time!

... when we provide a schedule for delivery, we perform to that date... Every Time!

... when we provide a price for a defined project and services, we honor that price... Every Time!

It is this commitment to Every Time that frames and creates our true competitive advantage. My name is the company name and it's my commitment to you... Every Time!

- Dave Hillhouse